Smart Snake

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Smart Snake

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Product description

Smart Sensing Cat ToyRattlesnake Interactive Electronic Toys For Cats USB Charging 

➤ Realistic Appearance: The intelligent sensor snake cat toy is made of high-quality ABS material, eco-friendly, non-toxic and has no smell; with 3D textures and bright colours, it looks very realistic, and the segmented body imitates the absolute sliding motion of a snake, bringing more fun for pets and children, even screaming! Fake snake toys are ideal for children’s or pets' birthdays and April Fools' Halloween and Christmas gifts.

➤ Sensing Mode: Place your hand in front of the toy snake, and the snake will start sliding forward. This snake toy's eyes will flash and automatically avoid getting stuck when encountering an obstacle. The milk snake toy can flick its tongue and wiggle its tail.

➤ Easy to Operate: Turn on the S-type switch to make this toy start sliding, and it will enter the deactivated state after about 1 minute of continuous playing. A switch is at the bottom of the snake head; turn it on to activate it and make it move.

Rechargeable Body: The toy snake adopts a USB charging design, Approximately 15.35 inches long. It takes about 30 minutes to charge fully; you don’t need to worry about ordering batteries.

Cat loves it: Snake toys are pranking snake toys for kids and funny snakes for cats. When April Fools' Halloween Birthday comes, an electric toy snake is an excellent tricky toy gift for kids. Your kids will surprise with a snake toy!

➤  Automatic Operation: Turn on the switch to crawl automatically. The eyes will flash and automatically turn back when encountering obstacles; the tongue stretches out, and the tail swings. It will enter the dormant state after playing continuously for about 1 minute. Tap the snakehead to enter the playing state.