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  • 💎💎 SPECIAL NOTE: The Grand Canal Soap Is Made of Natural Coconut Oil And Vegetable Soap Base. Being Soft In Texture, The Soap May Be Slightly Deformed Due To External Forces, Such As Throwing And Squeezing. In Such As Case, It Can Be Used Normally. Please Know And Understand. It Is Recommended That The Soap Should Be Put In A Shaded Place For A Few Days After The Packaging Film Is Unpacked. The Soap Will Become Hard. In Such A Way, It Is More Durable.
  • 💎💎 POWERFUL CLEANING: The Grand Canal Old Soap Is Made Of Natural Coconut Oil And Vegetable Soap Base. Underwear cleaning soap and removing stained clothes work great, Like Sweat Stains, Blood, Stains And Oil Stains On Clothes. It Is A Good Helper For Household Cleaning.
  • 💎💎 NATURAL INGREDIENTS: The Grand Canal Old Soap Is Made Of Natural Coconut Oil, Vegetable Soap Base, And Pure In Natural Ingredients. It Does Not Contain Phosphorus Or Any Chemical Ingredients, Does Not Hurt Your Hands, and Does Not Cause Skin Allergies. It Can Be Used For Washing Baby Clothes.
  • 💎💎 RECOMMENDATIONS: For Particularly Dirty Clothing, It Is Recommended To Precoat The Stain With Laundry Detergent, Leave It For 3-5 Minutes, Rub It With A Small Amount Of Water, And Then Wash It With Soap With The Normal Washing Method.
  • 💎💎 APPLICABLE FABRICS: Suitable Cleaning For Cotton And Linen Fabrics, Silk, Wool, Intimate Underwear, Baby Clothes, Bedding, Shoes, Carpets, Household Cleaning Cloth, Etc.

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