Tongue Cleaner Kit

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  • Tongue Cleaning Gel: The dirt accumulated on the tongue coating is one of the leading causes of bad breath; This cleaning gel can effectively clean this dirt and block the source of bad breath. The excellent mint flavour can also make the breath fresher.
  • Ingredients: Tongue coating cleaning gel made of sorbose, mint, and other ingredients. It can reduce the accumulation of tongue-coating dirt and residues.
  • Combination Suit Design: Tongue Cleaner's bristle handle design, combined with an exclusive formula, comfortably and effectively cleans health-threatening odour germs from the tongue. Together, they ensure a fresh and clean mouth.
  • Wide To Use: Tongue Cleaner Kit removes sticky substances and food residues from the tongue coating. It is suitable for people who smoke, drink and stay up late.
  • This dual-action tongue cleaner efficiently removes plaque, food debris & dead cells from the tongue's surface. Clinical research shows that most bacteria in the mouth live on the tongue's surface, one of the most common sources of bad breath.
  • This tongue cleaner features a narrow head that minimizes sensitivity & gag reflex, a long handle that provides easy access to the far-back areas of the tongue & a comfortable grip handle design for firm control & precision guidance for brushing & scraping.
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