Waterproof Temporary Tattoos

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  • 😘 Long lasting: The temporary tattoos can last for 3-5 days on your body.
  • 😘 Painless: If you think real tattoos are painful, temporary tattoos are your best choice. These temporary tattoos include 14 sheets, half-arm black colour flower tattoos, 35 small faces, and hand-feet tattoo stickers.
  • 😘 Waterproof: The temporary tattoos are waterproof, non-toxic and non-allergic. You don't have to worry about sweating; bathing, swimming and other activities will wash it off.
  • 😘 Easy to apply on: Remove transparent film; apply the tattoo on clean, dry skin, dab the tattoo with a damp paper towel, Remove paper, and let the tattoo dry. It's simple to use the 3d fake tattoo.
  • 😘 Suitable for multiple parts: The temporary tattoo is close to the actual tattoo. You can stick it on the arms, back of hands, fingers, big feet, little feet, collarbone, neck, chest, etc.
  • SPECIAL ATTENTION: Keep the tattoo sticker on the body and the skin dry. The tattoo sticker must not be wet with water in advance or wet on the body; otherwise, the sticker will not stay on the body for long.

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