0 3 Modes Faucet 3D Self-Adhesive Wall Tiles 3in1 Lighter 5-in-1 Electrical Brush Absorbent Kitchen Mat Auto Magnetic Mug Automatic Egg Peeler Automatic Jar Opener Beauty Mask Sharpener Beverage Dispenser Stand blender Bottle Opener Cable Clips Holder Chargeable Mini Bag Sealer Colander Spoon Crinkle Cutter Curtain & Drape Rods Door Seal Strip Door Stopper Double Blade Knife Drain Stopper Filter Dumpling Maker Electric Wine Opener Firepower Lighter Fluffy Puzzle Floor Mat fly catcher Fly Swatter Trap Rechargeable Foldable Fan Garbage Bin Grout Cleaner Brush Kitchen Drying Rack Kitchen Tools & Utensils light Lighters & Matches Magic Cleaning Cloth Multi-function Egg Opener Multi-Purpose Sink Rack Multifunctional Fruit Peeler Multifunctional Vegetable Cutter Oil Dispenser Oil Spray Dispenser Portable Mini Mops Portable Neck Fan Products Aluminum Foil Butyl Tape Roller Cutter Rotary Vegetable Slicer Rotatable Corner Rack Rotatable Seasoning Rack Rotate Faucet Salad Chopper Board Scissors Self Adhesive Sheet Self Cleaning Mop Self Twisting Mop Self Wringer Mop Silicone Dish Drying Mat Silicone Multipurpose Mat Sink Strainer Basket Slider Pizza Shovel Stainless Filter Straw Spoon Stainless Steel Cutting Clip Stainless Steel Drain Filter Stainless Steel Fingers Guard Stainless Steel Lunch Box Stainless Steel Sink Rack Super Absorbent Floor Mat Success Super Grinder Tea Leaf Infuser Triangle Mop Triple Flame Lighter Ultra Thin Motion Sensor Light Universal Sink Strainer Vacuum Wine Bottle Stopper Vegetable Fruit Slicer vegetable Scissors Vegetables Chopper Watermelon Slicer Waterproof Sealant Mastic Weather Rubber Seal Window glass brush Wire Brush
Rotatable Corner Rack / New Arrival - LightsBetter Rotatable Corner Rack / New Arrival - LightsBetter
Rotatable Corner Rack / New Arrival $19.98
Multifunctional 180° Rotating: The Bathroom Shelf is suitable for 180° flat-angle, and 90° right-angle walls and 180 °rotation is ideal for walls of various angles. That takes up little space but has ample storage. Waterproof Bathroom Caddy Organizer: keep all your shampoo, body wash, cream, soap and more in one place. Durable Materials & Fast Drainage: Our hanging basket caddies are made of high-quality plastic, solid and thick, wall-mounted, durable shower organizers. The hollow design, ventilation and drainage keep your toiletries dry without water accumulation. There is enough space to store and organize washing supplies, kitchen utensils, and decorative items; No Drilling & Tools Free: There is no need to drill on the wall shower Heavy Duty Bathroom Wall Organizer Shower Storage. The upgraded transparent adhesive sticker provides much stronger stability than a suction cup, and it does not need to be drilled and is easy to clean. Equipped with two strong sticking hooks, it is sticky and can withstand heavier weight. Make sure you put on more cosmetics. Install in one second & Removable Shower Organizer: One second to complete the Plastic Shower Caddy Adhesive Corner Shower Shelf installation. During the installation process, no other tools are required. One post and one use can be achieved. It can be disassembled at will. The shower rack can be reused after being removed from the rubber mat. Let stand for 24 hours; you can put shower gel and other items. Multi-function Use: This is a great shower organizer which is suitable for bathrooms, kitchens, RV, living rooms, storage rooms and bedrooms. You can use the rack to store shower gel, soap, bottles of shampoo, etc. Or hang it in the kitchen as a sink caddy sponge holder.
Rotatable Seasoning Rack - LightsBetter Rotatable Seasoning Rack - LightsBetter
Rotatable Seasoning Rack from $23.00
No‑Punching: Our wall-mounted spice rack is designed with no punching holes, no nails and no drilling holes, and it can be pasted, which is convenient for us to install in the kitchen. With drawers for easy storage, it keeps your kitchen neat. Utility Design: Our condiment dispenser adopts a wall-mounted design, accessible storage, small size and large capacity. Easy to use, each seasoning box has a small spoon to prevent odour. High Quality: Our spice racks are made of ABS material, sturdy and durable enough to hold many condiments. The lid of the rotatable seasoning box is designed with a cap to prevent dust from entering. Wide Application: Our condiment dispensers can be used to hold a variety of condiments: pepper, sugar, salt, spices, cornstarch, and more. The various herbs in the condiment box can be easily distinguished. Perfect Services: We concentrate on the buyer's shopping experience. If you have any questions about the product, don't hesitate to contact us; we promise to provide you with the most satisfactory solution.
Oil Dispenser - LightsBetter Oil Dispenser - LightsBetter
Oil Dispenser $19.99
🍼 Unique 2 in 1 design: The silicone dropper and brush are made of food-grade PP. The three-layer short-bristle brush has no peculiar smell, deformation, or hair loss and a heat-resistant temperature of up to 250 degrees Celsius. The oil dispenser is made of borosilicate glass, which is durable and not easily broken.🍼 Easy to use: The measuring bottle with brush mouth is large, so you can quickly pour oil, vinegar, chilli oil, etc. The glass oil dropper bottle can be used for cooking, baking, frying, storage and brushing, and it can also be used for outdoor picnics and is convenient to carry.🍼 Can control the amount of oil: With just a slight pinch, you can quickly enter the oil, and the precise scale allows you to control the quantitative oil output. Moreover, the design of the oil return hole also avoids waste and overflow while ensuring the table's cleanliness.🍼 Easy to clean: Each part can be disassembled and washed separately, and the dispenser is easy to install. The brush can also be used alone, and it is very convenient to apply ketchup, chocolate sauce, and peanut butter.🍼 After-sales service: Our greatest wish is to provide you with the best quality service. If you have any questions about our products, please get in touch with us, and we will reply within 24 hours.
Oil Spray Dispenser - LightsBetter Oil Spray Dispenser - LightsBetter
Oil Spray Dispenser from $14.99 $19.99
Oil Sprayer for Cooking, Glass Olive Oil Sprayer Mister, Olive Oil Spray Bottle, Kitchen Gadgets Accessories for Air Fryer, Canola Oil Spritzer, Widely Used for Salad Making, Baking, Frying, BBQ Food Grade Material Olive Sprayer: It meets the requirements of food contact management, is safe and has no peculiar smell, and can be directly loaded into edible oil for use. Reduce your carbon footprint through this environmentally friendly green product. Multipurpose Oil Sprayer Bottle: Widely used for frying steak, grilling, baking, salad, air fryer and other home users to achieve atomized spraying of cooking oil, which is hygienic, convenient and fuel efficient. Deeply loved by chefs and gourmets, the real kitchen practical little helper. Effective Control of Oil Flow: Each time you pull the trigger, the exact amount of oil delivered is calculated, and you'll get ¼ teaspoon (1.5g) of oil for total control of calorie counting in your kitchen, no matter which oil you choose. Portable To Carry: It is lightweight (200ml Capacity, 0.2lb Weight) and can be used in the kitchen or carried outside. And easy to carry anywhere you want. Fill it with your favourite oil. Note: it is essential to swing over the area you want to spray; you should start the swing before pulling the trigger and release it before you stop swinging. Please do that to avoid an uneven coating, with oil built up anywhere you stagnate. The oil spray bottle is leakproof. The oil spray bottle for the kitchen is made of thick and clear glass, unbreakable. Olive oil spray bottles are durable, and they are also easy to clean.
Salad Chopper Board Scissors - LightsBetter Salad Chopper Board Scissors - LightsBetter
Salad Chopper Board Scissors $19.99 $24.99
Vegetable Chopper and Veggie Cutter: THE kitchen tool for chopping your vegetables and fruits for soups, salads, and stir-fries. This tool combines the use of kitchen scissors with a cutting board. Fun Kitchen Gadgets for Food Prep: An all-in-one smart cutter kitchen scissors with a cutting board, a great addition to your kitchen tools. Easy one-handed operation for those who love easy food prep. Salad Chopper Tool and Veggie Cutter: This 2 in 1 knife and cutting board scissors will make your salad prep easy. This vegetable-cutting knife can also chop and slice fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Vegetable Chopper and Carrot Cutter: This kitchen chopper is perfect for vegetables and fruits. The vegetable cutter is sharp and designed to prevent hand strain, making it an essential kitchen gadget. Vegetable Scissors and Kitchen Slicers: These kitchen scissors for food prep are a great tool. They are perfect for cutting and chopping your vegetables and fruits in seconds, making meals easier.
Stainless Steel Roller Cutter - LightsBetter Stainless Steel Roller Cutter - LightsBetter
Stainless Steel Roller Cutter $14.99 $19.99
Time-Saving: Creates perfect lattice top for pies and tarts in seconds with a simple roll action. Stainless Steel Material: Made of high quality, sturdy, durable, not easy to rust, and good for health. Ergonomic Handle: Its ergonomic handle eliminates hand fatigue and stress. Portable: Small in size, light in weight, easy to carry and use. Wide Use: It is suitable for the surface treatment of pizza, cookies and pastry products.
5-in-1 Electrical Brush - LightsBetter 5-in-1 Electrical Brush - LightsBetter
5-in-1 Electrical Brush from $9.99
Don't even think! Lowest Price Guaranteed A must-have Cleaning Brush for bathroom, kitchen, tiles, bottles, windows, carpets & others Multifunctional cleaning brush: The brush can clean corners and curved surfaces and is especially suitable for cleaning bottles, kitchen sinks, windows, tile lines, corners, seams, seams and other hard-to-reach gaps and bottoms. Convenient and practical: Don't worry about scratching or damaging stainless steel, copper, ceramic, or other surfaces. The dirt of this scrubber is hard, but it is gentle on valuable pots and pans. It is an indispensable practical cleaning tool for homes, kitchens, offices, restaurants, etc. Meet different needs: This electric bathtub brush is designed with three brush heads, which can meet your different needs.Size: 12*20cm/4.72*7.87inch . Note: The battery is not included in the package Fast and efficient cleaning brush: you can use it to clean tiles, bathtubs, kitchen sinks, etc. The seamless sticky hook can stick on the wall and use it to hold your brush, which is space-saving.
Dispenser Cleaning Brush - LightsBetter Dispenser Cleaning Brush - LightsBetter
Dispenser Cleaning Brush from $14.99
Ultra-tough Fibers And Dense Bristles: Cleaning Brush For Shoes can be cleaned in all directions and have ultra-tough fibres and dense bristles for easy scrubbing of large areas. With Liquid Dispenser: Cover the lid and press the button behind the Shoe Washing Brush. It can run out automatically; press to stop the laundry will not run out. Wide Range of Uses: Liquid Shoe Brush is very convenient for washing clothes, brushing shoes, washing dishes, and cleaning! And other multi-purpose Comfortable Grip: Soft Bristles Shoe Brush is designed with a long ergonomic handle, which can provide a comfortable grip even when wet, allowing you to apply pressure while scrubbing easily Comes with Hanging Holes: Multifunctional Shoe Brush has a storage hole at the end; Multifunctional Shoe Brush can be wall-mounted for storage for easy storage
Grout Cleaner Brush - LightsBetter Grout Cleaner Brush - LightsBetter
Grout Cleaner Brush from $14.99 $19.99
STIFF BRISTLES BRUSH: This brush has ultra-fine bristles that are much harder than toothbrushes, which can easily remove dirt and grime in the narrowest crevices, making your home cleaner and more hygienic. MULTI-PURPOSE CLEANING BRUSH: Whether it's the kitchen sink, bathroom basin, or the crevices around the toilet lid, no matter what kind of dirt needs to be removed, the groove cleaning brush is suitable for any application. COMFORT HANDLE: Thanks to its ergonomic handle, the brush is comfortable and easy to hold, making it the perfect tool for tackling tough cleaning jobs. STURDY AND DURABLE: From the sturdy handle construction to the ultra-durable nylon bristles, each shower brush is durable enough to handle any cleaning task, big or small. No more flimsy, unreliable bathroom cleaning brushes that warp or break with the slightest touch. SAFE FOR ANY SURFACE: Our grout cleaning brushes are suitable for all surfaces; they easily wipe off window grime, polish sink drains, remove tile wood floor stains or are used as an anti-scale shower cleaning brush.
Magic Cleaning Cloth - LightsBetter Magic Cleaning Cloth - LightsBetter
Magic Cleaning Cloth from $18.99 $36.99
💦 No Residue Traces: Thickened Magic Cleaning Cloth is Great for Removing Debris from Your Mirrors and Windows Without Scratching Your Surface; used for Cars, Kitchens, Glass, Windows Cleaning, and even stainless steel. 💦 Good Water Absorption: Super good water absorption; use this cleaning cloth to wipe the glass without leaving unsightly watermarks, and quickly get a clean mirror without marks. 💦 No Lint: The microfiber cloths are tightly woven to prevent them from leaving lint; use them to dry on your mirrors and windows to absorb the water and buff out those lingering streaks. 💦 Reusable: Each piece of magic cloth is exquisite workmanship, thicker and more durable, increases the service life, and they are machine washable 💦 Reliable choice: Professional cleaners use and love these microfiber cloths to clean and dry on glass, meaning you will love them too! Using MethodsAfter receiving the rag, wash it in water for 2-3 minutes, wring out the excess water (not too dry) and then wipe it directly.
Portable Mini Mops - LightsBetter Portable Mini Mops - LightsBetter
Portable Mini Mops from $30.99
Compact and Lightweight Design: Our portable self-squeezing mini mop has a stretch length of 11.6*6.1in, 230G, featuring lightweight and small size, allowing you to clean and store it easily. The small mop head storage size is perfect for tight spaces and on the go, such as small apartments, dorm rooms, and RVs. Wet and Dry Dual-use & Hand-free Washing: Water stains can be wiped off immediately; no water stains, ring-type push-pull design, folded in half for 180-degree strong extrusion, washing and dehydration integrated, single-handed pulling and squeezing water, Suitable for all kinds of table tops, window glass, floors, kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms. Storable Design: Hanging design, easy to solve the trouble of cotton head stains, easy to store, does not take up space, is very wear-resistant, and is suitable for long-term repeated use. Cleaning is More Convenient: Biodegradable environmentally friendly cotton head is used, soft and delicate, easy to clean, light lazy mop, one-stop cleaning without burden, good water lock, easy to use. Applicable Scenarios: The cotton head has strong water absorption, rotation adjustment, simple installation, dual-purpose for scraping, and multi-scenario use, such as tableware desktop, family table, table cleaner, compact and practical.
Self Cleaning Mop - LightsBetter Self Cleaning Mop - LightsBetter
Self Cleaning Mop from $39.99
Microfiber Mop Floor Cleaning, Self Wringing Dry and Wet Flat Mops, Hands-Free Wash Mop Self-wringing: Free your hands. It keeps your hands away from the dirty mop. Just sliding the bar up and down this operation makes the mop quickly dry. So you can clean and wring effortlessly without bending over, our mop relieves your fatigue and back pain and brings you a better experience. 3, 6, or 11 Packs Microfiber Mop Pads: reusable mop cleaning pads for your replacement, which are soft, water-absorbing, durable and reusable, way more economical than disposable cleaning pads. Rotatable Mop Head: The floor mop head can rotate 360 degrees with the automatic rebound, so our clean mop can cover and clean every surface, including the corners and under the furniture. Making Your Cleaning Easier: Equipped with long stainless steel handles and can be extended up to 57.8 inches (147 cm). It's easy to adjust the length, and no need to bend down. Wide Application: The flat mop is perfect for house cleaning. It can pick up dust, hair & grime on all hard floor surfaces, like laminate floors, hardwood floors, vinyl floors, tile floors and glass windows, helping you get a shiny and fresh look to your home. Easy to Install and Compact: This mop is small and compact. It is easy to install and store once everything is clean and dry. Make your life easier.
Self Twisting Mop/New Arrival - LightsBetter Self Twisting Mop/New Arrival - LightsBetter
Self Twisting Mop/New Arrival $25.99 $35.99
🍀 Easy to Wring Mop: Mops with wringer, keeping your hands dry and clean. 💛 Microfiber & Scrub pad: This microfiber twist mop possesses excellent water absorption; when you clean the floor with no excess dripping catch dust, hair and dirt tightly, the Scrub pad for the mop head helps remove stubborn stains on floors. Making floor cleaning easier. 🍀 Long Handle Twist Mop: Mops for floor cleaning heavy duty is 57" long, longer than regular mops, no need to bend over. Soft and comfortable foam handle, more comfortable to hold. A loop on the end of the handle makes it easy to hang. 💛 Minimize Tangling: Easy wring mop head has double tail bands and looped ends to minimize tangling. 🍀 Multi Occasion Use Self-Wringing Mop: Great for cleaning all types of floors, such as wooden floors, laminate, bamboo, hardwood, tile and marble. This mop is suitable for commercial, household, office and industrial applications.
Self Wringer Mop - LightsBetter Self Wringer Mop - LightsBetter
Self Wringer Mop from $19.99 $75.00
The mop is stored upright, on an independent base; draining does not breed bacteria. Preventing the deformation of the rubber cotton head, the lightweight design has a vertical area of about 0.0132 square meters, which is equivalent to the area of a bottle of mineral water. It can be placed at will in the corner, and it can be kept upright and naturally dried to keep the rubber cotton clean, ventilated and dry and increase the service life of the rubber cotton, automatic rebound. It is more convenient to squeeze water, has automatic rebound when lifted up to 180°, and housework experience. Give you an ideal and comfortable life.
Slider Pizza Shovel - LightsBetter Slider Pizza Shovel - LightsBetter
Slider Pizza Shovel $34.99
Pizza Peel for Easily Transferring Pizza: With its unique sliding device, this pizza peel makes transferring pizza fun. You can easily pick up your pizza and prevent it from sticking with a straightforward motion. In addition, it can be used as a cutting board for kneading pizza dough, cutting vegetables or fruits, or as a food stand or serving tool. Suitable Pizza Peel Size: This sliding pizza peel, 11.81 inches long and 19.68 inches wide, is perfect for making pizza. Whether you want to make a small or large pizza, its extended handle allows you to safely remove the pizza from the hot oven without burning yourself. Durable Pizza Paddle: This pizza slider, made of natural materials, is sturdy and durable, not fragile, has no paint, no odour, and can not come into contact with food. This pizza paddle can be rinsed with water and wiped dry with a cloth; hanging holes are at the bottom of the handle for easy hanging, drying and storage, saving space. Long handle anti-scalding pizza peel: This slider pizza shovel’s long handle allows you to keep a distance from the heat source to prevent your hands from being burned. The pizza slides easily off the peeler without sticking. With it, you can take control of your baking process like a pro. Wide range of uses: The pizza shovel is lightweight and durable, suitable for holding pizza, bread and cakes on the stove or grill. It is an essential baking tool accessory in the kitchen and is also ideal for bakeries, hotels, restaurants, etc.
Drain Stopper Filter - LightsBetter Drain Stopper Filter - LightsBetter
Drain Stopper Filter from $12.99
DISPOSABLE: The most sanitary and convenient way to protect your drain. No more cleaning hair or even moulds built up on the drain covers. With our product, you peel off and toss it when it becomes full. WATERPROOF ADHESIVE: Strong waterproof adhesive ensures the hair hatcher stays in place even in water for weeks. The product sticks very well to any surface, whether metal, plastic or tile. Tip: Please take it off when it is wet for easy removal. COST EFFECTIVE: Save hundreds of dollars from spending on after-the-fact solutions such as clog remover chemicals, plumber visits, or other gadgets. With our product, you can easily protect the drain from clogging less than a dollar per month. Our hair catcher can be used on the drain in the bathtub, shower stall or bathroom vanity sink. TIME SAVER: A few seconds to prevent drain clogs. Extremely easy to use. Just peel & stick over the drain and replace every 2-3 weeks (or as necessary). Our product will catch all the hair and stop it from going down the drain while you spend time on better things in your life.
Sink Strainer Mesh - LightsBetter Sink Strainer Mesh - LightsBetter
Sink Strainer Mesh from $9.99
Kitchen Sink Corner Drain Container: It can prevent food residues, fabrics, and other garbage from entering the sewer. You no longer need to clean the filter by hand; just gently lift it and turn it over. Multipurpose Sink Strainer Net Mesh Hanging Bags: The sink storage rack can remove the garbage in the sink, can be used to store fruits and vegetables, will not attract flies, and can make the kitchen cleaner. Keep the sink clean: The drainage basket of the kitchen sink is very effective for filtering debris, storing kitchen rags, emptying washed fruits, filtering tea leaves, storing vegetables, etc. It can keep the kitchen sink clean. Upgrade design: the newly upgraded telescopic design, with a retractable handle, can perfectly adapt to various sinks, and the installation is simple and convenient in just a few seconds. Durable: Sink Corner Stronger is made of iron+PP material, which is safe, firm and stable. It is of high quality, has exquisite workmanship and has a long service life, making your kitchen sink clean and tidy.
Sink Strainer Basket - LightsBetter Sink Strainer Basket - LightsBetter
Sink Strainer Basket from $14.98
💎 Good Stability: The swan kitchen sink drain basket fits most tanks. Triangular construction is applied for added stability. Don't worry about falling, sagging or loosening. Let you rest assured to use. 💎 High-Quality Material: The multi-purpose drain basket is made of food-grade PP material, so you don't have to worry about harmful substances. Our professionals have tested each sink basket to ensure you and your family have a safe and healthy experience. 💎 Hollow Construction: Fast drainage. With a unique swan-shaped design, the interior of the sink drain strainer has uniformly sized holes, ventilation and drainage, allowing sponges and brushes to dry. 💎 Easy to Use: The triangular sink filter can be easily disassembled, and you can choose to change the position of the swan drain rack basket at any time and make the most of it according to your needs. suitable for your kitchen or bathroom, freeing up your kitchen space or saving bath. 💎 Wide Application: The kitchen drain basket is suitable for hanging on sinks, faucets and hooks. It can be equipped with sponges, cotton pads, etc.
Rotate Faucet - LightsBetter Rotate Faucet - LightsBetter
Rotate Faucet $24.99 $34.99
1080° Rotate Faucet  Rotating Filter Faucet: The splash filter faucet adds air into the water stream, making it oxygen-rich and resulting in a broader spray of water that does not splash all over and feels soothing on the skin. Unlike a standard faucet extender, the faucet sprayer attachment can rotate 1080 degrees. Water Spray Modes: This sink sprayer attachment for the faucet features two water outflow rotatory switch modes, a soft bubble stream and a strong spray. With its robust water spray mode, our sink aerator cleans effectively while minimizing water splash, allowing you to avoid soaking your shirt while washing your hands. Easy to Install: The sink faucet sprayer attachment is easy to set up and maintain and an excellent long-term option for filtering water. Simply unscrew the aerator from the threaded tip of the faucet and replace it with this 1080 rotatable faucet. Please measure the faucet diameter before purchase. Durable in Use: Our basin bathroom faucet aerator is made of high-quality brass, giving your sink faucet a premium appearance. The features of this sink sprayer attachment are precise and well-finished. It has an ABS body for added strength, making it perfect for long-term use. Use in Multiple Scenarios: Faucet extenders for bathroom sinks are suitable for 99% of faucets. Four-layer filter element filters remove impurities in the water. Double gasket anti-drip. It can be used in the kitchen to rinse vegetables, fruits, dishes, sinks, etc. It can also be used for daily washing in the bathroom, shampooing, washing towels, etc. Specifications:Name:1080° Rotation Faucet Extender Material: ABS plasticProduct colour: silverProduct interface size:Inner diameter: 20mm/22mmOuter diameter: 24mm 720° Rotate Faucet  720° Faucet Head with two dual outlets can rotate the water outlet 720° for flexible use & saving water; equipped with anti-splashing properties and a four-layer net filter to remove impurities. The 720° rotatable tap head is fully adjustable for controlling water direction while inducing oxygen into the water stream to make it SOFT TO TOUCH and NON-SPLASHING. Adopting silver ion technology, its antimicrobial material prevents the growth and spread of germs. Enjoy the direct water flow without splashing with your hands to save up to 48% water when the faucet is on! FEATURES  720º ROTATABLE HEAD: Fully adjustable to direct water flow as desired. Perfect for washing your face, filling water buckets and more. 2 SPLASHING MODES: Includes soft bubble stream mode & shower mode. Easy to switch between 2 functions by twisting the cap with the advanced version. LAYERS OF FILTER: Designed with four layers of filter to remove impurities for safe consumption. EASY TO INSTALL: No need to tear your sink apart. Simply twist it up to your faucet, and you’re done! Fits almost all standard faucet heads. WATER SAVING: Adopts water-saving modes with optimal pressure to save up to 48% water. PREMIUM QUALITY: Sturdy, industrial-grade copper & anti-bacterial material for extra durability and longevity. Includes reinforced double O-ring valves that ensure that all leaks are prevented.
3 Modes Faucet - LightsBetter 3 Modes Faucet - LightsBetter
3 Modes Faucet from $19.99
High-Quality Movable Kitchen Tap Head: This kitchen faucet head uses high-quality ABS material at the thread, so it will not easily be damaged even if you adjust it at any angle. The water outlet is made of stainless steel to make the water pure and pollution-free. The faucet sprayer head is suitable for kitchen and bathroom faucet replacement. Anti-Splash Tap Aerator Faucet Nozzle with 3 Modes Adjustment: The kitchen faucet head sink aerator has an elegant ergonomic design with one button of three adjustable water spray modes (Pulse, Shower, Pulse + Shower), fully meet different needs of washing. The difference between the modes is not only the water pressure but also the density of the effluent. 360 Degree Swivel: Universal aerator head provides more kitchen washing and cleaning convenience. The faucet booster water-saving device can rotate 360 degrees flexibly; you can adjust the angle conveniently. This adjustment process will prevent you from getting wet or wastewater. It complies with environmental protection principles based on convenience. Increase Pressure & Saving Water: Anti-Splash tap booster increases water pressure instantly, converting a soft bubble stream to a strong spray. No more splashing and saving 40%-70% (compared to the standard faucet) and saving money, saving energy, saving the world. Fits Most Water-tap, Easy to Install and Clean: Faucet sprayer head replacement suitable for all types of round faucets, widely used on more than 99% types home use kitchen faucets(Fits all standard taps with an outer thread 22mm/0.87in internal thread 24mm/0.94in). The moveable kitchen faucet tap head is easy and quick to install. You can install it easily by yourself. Convenient and flexible, saving your time. It can be installed on kitchen faucets, sink faucets, bathroom faucets, etc.